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There is high competition for work at home jobs, so you will need to get your competitive attitude out and ready for some work. Once you have found that perfect position you would like to apply for, you will want to make sure you shine above the rest of the applicants in the stack. Your cover letter, resume, and interview will need to sparkle with perfection. Research the company with the open position, gear your qualifications towards their goals and needs. A form letter or form resume will not impress them. Get to the top of the stack, and avoid the cut, with these suggestions and ides.


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The Work at Home Resume

A Summation of Your Work Experience

From understanding qualifications to add to your resume to convert it to a work at home resume, to rethinking format and going through free samples, you will get the full picture as to how to make your work at home resume shine above the rest.

Your Resources: The Work at Home Resume


Curriculum Vitae

The Curriculum Vitae

A Longer Version of Your Resume

When applying for some jobs, an employer may ask for your CV. This is your curriculum vitae, or a summation of your life, your honors, publications, and awards among other things. Be prepared and have a CV ready in your folder.

Your Resources: Curriculum Vitae

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The Work at Home Interview

Be Ready for Anything

The work at home interview is different from the traditional interview. You may not ever meet your employer face-to-face if you work at home full time. Dress to impress (yourself) and be ready to spin all your answers to show your independence and reliability.

Your Resources: The Work at Home Interview

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Free or Low Cost Computers

The Equipment You Need

Almost all work at home jobs require that the applicant prove they have a computer, high speed Internet, and a telephone. If you are in need of a computer to complete your home office, check out these resources.

Your Resources: Free or Low Cost Computers

Home Based Positions




Conduct your own
Work at Home Job Search

Try each one of these specific phrases and see the results. Reword your favorite to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. Each phrase is in quotations to optimize the search to find those exact words together. If you add words, put them after the last quotation mark, unless you intend to change the phrase.

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Remote Position | Must have your own office

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"This is a remote position"


"This is a telecommuting position"


"May work from anywhere"


"Must have home office"


"Candidate will work from a home office"


"Will have the option to work from home"


"Must have high speed Internet"


"This home based position"


Work from Anywhere | Must have high speed internet

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