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A CV, or Curriculum Vitae, is a summation of a person's lifetime achievements and experiences. It includes every employer and every educational institute attended, as opposed to a resume which includes employers of interest and education of interest for a specific job position. The resume is expected to be paired down in the US, therefore it is much easier to mislead potential employers by simply discluding bits of information. However, the majority of employers in the US require a standard work application form to be filled out upon making their hiring decision, which requires explanation of missing dates and full education disclosure. This application covers the gaps which are presented in a resume form.


More often, the United States utilizes the résumé, whereas Europe, Asia, and Africa utilize the CV. In any country, however, the Curriculum Vitae is typically the document of choice for job positions in the scientific, medical, educational, and research fields.

Curriculum Vitae come in different formats, which we will provide examples later. It is important to know which CV to use depending on the country in which you are applying and the job position you are applying for.


Work at home CV are essentially the same as any other. Because the document is complete and formal, it is a good practice not to add non-essential information. However, you will need to remember that your work at home time needs to outline skills in which you use consistently, do not include it only as domestic engineer. Add in the accounting skills, project management skills, and leadership skills you use at home as well as at your children's school. If you are the head of the PTA or the accounting leader, this should be included. There are work at home positions that may require a CV, such as an online tutor or teacher, as well as a researcher.

If from the United States, you may find a cultural issue with CV expectations. In most countries, a picture is expected to accompany the Curriculum Vitae. In the U.S., pictures are frowned upon on resumes as they could be used in discrimination cases where an employer could be accused of discrimination based on age, sex, religion, or origin (which could be determined in a single picture).


Your CV should have the following elements:

  • Personal Information

  • Photograph

  • Occupational Field

  • Work Experience

  • Education

  • Skills

When looking at examples and templates, please note the following:


  • A surname is your family name, and in most English speaking countries it is your last name.

  • The plural of Curriculum Vitae is Curricula Vitae. In Latin, the term is loosely translated as "course of life."

  • Curriculum vitae is pronounced: kuh-rik-yuh-luhm vahy-tee



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Step by Step Guide

How to write a curriculum vitae

The curriculum vitae is typically kept to two pages, with few exceptions. Use this step by step guide to write your curriculum vitae.


Your Resources: How to Write Curriculum Vitae

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