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Teens and Students

In a tough economy, these work at home jobs for teens will prove to be educational and lucrative. Work at home is also a great way for parents to guide their teens to an excellent work ethic. Teens and students learn financial responsibility and expand their knowledge for business, economics and mathematic classes.

You will need to get your parent's permission to work in their home, and you will also want them around to help guide you when things go wrong. When children are in your home and under your care, you will want to know what their special needs are. Know if your client has allergies, if they need special medications, and all their contact information (parents home and cell phone numbers and address of their home).

Getting paid is always awesome! Be prepared and ask for a small deposit up front before you give the lessons for the week. You want to make sure you get paid, and you want to make sure they receive a quality lesson that is worth their hard earned money. Determine payment amount and payments dates before you start working, don't be shy!


Find Customers

Love all these ideas, but need customers?

Finding your Customers

There are so many things that you are talented at, if someone would just give you a chance to work for them, then you would be rolling in the dough. Read more on where and how to find your customers.

Jobs for Teens: Finding Customers


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Good at a subject in school?


Tutoring is a way to make money, but it can also be a great addition to your college entrance application. It is also rewarding to feel like you helped another person build their self esteem by passing classes. Tutoring also boosts your own self esteem by making you feel smart and helpful to others.

Tutoring Jobs for Teens


Are you in band or orchestra?

Music Lessons

If you have been taking band or orchestra for 3 or more years, you certainly have the ability to teach beginners. Find kids a few grades below your own, and help them learn to read music and play an instrument. This will also keep you practicing while you are making money at home!

Music Jobs for Teens

Babysitting Fun

Do you love children?


Don't think this is going to be an extremely easy work at home job. Babysitting is not just sitting and watching television, but should include nurturing of the child. Kids need time to play with others, besides their parents to learn social skills. If you love children and love to play with little ones, this could be the perfect way to earn cash!

Babysitting Jobs for Teens


Were you born to sell?

Direct Sales

Direct sales is where you sell products of a company to your friends and family and classmates. If you ever went to a store, bought an item, and then resold it to a friend, this could be a great job for you. If you love doing the school fundraisers, look into this work at home job.

Direct Sales Jobs for Teens

Computer Work

Natural Computer Wizard?

Computer Work

Have you already built a myspace and facebook page? Do you have a blog? Have you programmed a video game? If you can teach these skills to others, or if you can just build them their own myspace site, then this could be an awesome way to make cash.

Computer Jobs for Teens

Sports Trainer

Love Sports?

Sports Trainer

Do you have a billiards table, basketball hoop, volleyball net, or swimming pool? This could be the perfect work at home job: to teach others a sport. Not only do you boost your practicing time, but you also make money doing it! Take advantage of all those hours you have put in learning a sport.

Sports Jobs for Teens

Home Based Positions




Your Special Talent

You have a talent. Although some may know their talent early in life, some take a little longer to find it. But, believe me, you have one. Use your time wisely and choose small jobs at first while you are still in high school. Give different kinds of jobs a chance. Use your hobby or your best subject in school to guide you and after a few tries, you will find a job that you really excel in.

Junior Jobs | YMCA Lifeguard

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During the creation of this teen section, we researched the search results on Google for:

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What we came up with were a lot of web sites who are telling teens they can work online and they are proving it with checks they receive from paid survey companies and Paypal.

Be aware! They "may" be getting these checks, we do not know, but they are not earning the money by doing only surveys online. What they are doing is getting teens to visit their web sites and to click on the advertisements to sign up for surveys. The survey company then gives this person money for referring others to their site. This is a very valid way to make money, however, it is also very hard and tedious work, and it is misleading to allow a teen to think they can just answer surveys for big money. Surveys do not pay much at all, it is referring others to the site and having them sign up, this is what makes the money.

The very best way for a teen to make money (outside of retail and fast food) is to start a home business using their skills that they have worked on for so many years, be it little league (making them a great coach candidate for small children) or an instrument, they can mentor and teach others while making money.



High School Intern | Ride Operator

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A career at home? Check into this!