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Over 252,024 people in Texas worked from home in the year 2000 according to the United States Census Bureau. 7.4% of them made $100,000 per year or more and 5.1% of them made $75,000 to $99,999 per year. To get more work at home statistics from the US Census Bureau, visit Texas Working at Home 2000.
  The City of Plano Texas

The City of Plano, Texas urges us to work from home on Ozone Action Days or Air Pollution Watch/Warning Days.

Air Pollution causes health problems and cars are a major contributor.

Your Resources: City of Plano Ozone Action
  The United States EPA

The United States Environmental Protection Agency Global Warming Suggestions for Austin, Texas

The US EPA suggests emissions reductions of 36,330 and 36,027 tons of CO2 by the year 2010, hoping for an upward trend in work at home and telecommuting positions.

Your Resources: US EPA Warming
  Medical Billing Fraud

An article from the Federal Trade Commission that may help you detect scams in the future. This article is regarding a woman who ran a medical billing operation, asking respondents to pay money for leads guaranteeing their money back, but never delivered leads and never gave money back.

  Your Resources: Texan Barred from Selling Work-at-Home and Medical Billing Opportunities
  Envelope Stuffing Fraud

These two have gone to jail for running an envelope stuffing business. They promised respondents work for a fee, but never had work for them and never returned the fee. They charged an enrollment fee, processing fee and materials fee.

  Your Resources: The US Department of Justice sentences two in work from home scheme

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