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The job search by state map has thousands of opportunities available. You may think that you shouldn't need to do a job search by state because of the nature of work at home. Although working at home does not require a daily drive to the office, you may be required to occassionally attend meetings at the office. Also, you may be asked to interview in person. It is a good practice to search for work at home in your general area first (city, and then surrounding cities, followed by state), and then venture outside your state after you have done a thorough review of the openings closest to you.


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The US Office of Personnel Management

The United States OPM office believes there are many advantages to working from home that employers should investigate. Among some are fewer sick days, greater loyalty, and substantial money savings.


Your Resources: Telework Solutions



The US Equal Employment Opp Commission

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gives questions and answers on work at home opportunities.


Your Resources: Work at Home / Telework as a Reasonable Accommodation for Americans with Disabilities

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Try each one of these specific phrases and see the results. Reword your favorite to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. Each phrase is in quotations to optimize the search to find those exact words together. If you add words, put them after the last quotation mark, unless you intend to change the phrase.

Work at home mom with baby. Mom is wearing a pink suit and has a professional looking black sleek diaper bag at her side.

Remote Position | Must have your own office

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"This is a remote position"


"This is a telecommuting position"


"May work from anywhere"


"Must have home office"


"Candidate will work from a home office"


"Will have the option to work from home"


"Must have high speed Internet"


"This home based position"


Work from Anywhere | Must have high speed internet

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