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No College Degree Required

You don't need a college education to find work at home. There is absolutely no college degree required for any of the following job positions and careers. There are plenty of jobs and ways to find an income at home when you get creative.


Don't limit yourself to jobs you find in listings, get out those old business cards from acquaintances you have met over the years and give them a call. Think of things you can do to make other people's lives easier. Can you make calls for them, or hand out business cards for them? Maybe you can clean their office, or provide an errand service.


The most successful people in the world didn't use conventional ways to get there, they got creative and did their thinking outside of the box. Another note: there are plenty of people in high positions that never graduated college.

To indicate advertising this is an illusion that can be a vase if focusing on black or two profiles facing each other if focusing on white.


Do it yourself or find a company who has sponsors

Advertising while you drive is a way to make money while doing your errands, driving the kids to school, and going to the places you normally drive past throughout the day.


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Advertising - No College Degree Required

Online juror scale slightly tipped to the right.

Online Juror

No legal knowledge needed

Becoming an online juror may not pay your mortgage, but it may cover one of those credit card bills.

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Online Juror - No College Degree Required

Blogger's home office equipped with desk, lamp, picture frame, keyboard, mouse, coffee mug and newspaper. The computer monitor is mounted on the wall above the desk.


Content is king

Blogging is a way to earn cash and show off your creative writing talents at the same time. The most successful bloggers crank out 3 to 5 pages per day on their favorite topics.

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Blogger - No College Degree Required

Indicating direct sales, a hand holding two merchandise bags. One bag is orange and the other is blue with black stripes.

Direct Sales

Hard work pays High rewards

If you want a home business that you don't need to build from scratch and enables you to receive training for free, this could be your perfect choice to work at home.


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Direct Sales - No College Degree Required

Woman looking at photos in a book next to a laptop with shopping on screen.

Mystery Shopper

Over the Phone or In Person

Becoming a mystery shopper is a valid and satisfying way to make extra income. You are hired to evaluate companies you shop with based on criteria such as the area you live in.

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Mystery Shopper - No College Degree Required

A roll of film for a photographer.


Have a great camera?

Photography is a great way to express how you view the world and also make some cash. It is also a wonderful way to start a photography portfolio of your own if you would like to get into professional photography.

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Photographer - No College Degree Required

Woman with glasses on telephone to indicate a sales representative.

Sales Verification

Love to talk on the phone?

Third party verification is inbound calls only with no sales necessary. When another company sells a product to a consumer, a second company is needed to verify that the consumer did, in fact, make the purchase.

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Sales Verification - No College Degree Required

Person about to write on a dry erase board to illustrate a subject matter expert

Subject Matter Experts

Expert on a specific topic?

Subject matter experts give answers live, give answers in forums, and write articles. Pay can be hourly, per session or even per page impression and varies widely.

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Subject Matter Experts - No College Degree Required

An image indicating computer technical support by showing a switch with six ports and three ethernet cables plugged in the back. Each cable is a different color: red, yello and grey.

Technical Support

Computer expert

Technical support is for those who can troubleshoot basic computer issues. Most companies will give a test for your problem solving abilities over the phone.

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Technical Support - No College Degree Required

A phone in front of a phone book indicating telemarketing at home


Sales in your heart?


Telemarketing requires excellent customer service skills and salesmanship. Most companies allow you to make your own schedule, provide online training, and pay up to $10 per hour.


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Telemarketing - No College Degree Required

Transcription can be done on a laptop


Type fast


Transcription services are for those who can type at 75 words per minute (or more) accurately. Most companies will give a test for your typing skills as well as your English and grammar skills. If you have excellent English language skills, this could be the work at home job for you.

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Transcription - No College Degree Required

Girl on cell phone outside to indicate a home based translator.


Speak and write another language?


Translator services are in high demand for anyone who can speak and write a foreign language. Languages in high demand are Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian.

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Translator - No College Degree Required

A graduation cap with tassel indicating education for tutoring


Teach Children


Becoming a tutor for children can be rewarding and can also keep you up to date on curriculum and educational software. It can keep your skills sharp in math, science, social studies and english.

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Tutor - No College Degree Required

An assistant sitting at a desk with headset, professional phone system, keyboard and writing pad.

Virtual Assistant

Type, Answer Phones, Do Errands


Virtual assistants handle every day office tasks for their employers. This work at home job can include word processing, data entry, bookkeeping, payroll, accounting, and general office work.

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Virtual Assistant - No College Degree Required





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Work at home mom with baby. Mom is wearing a pink suit and has a professional looking black sleek diaper bag at her side.

Remote Position | Must have your own office

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"This is a remote position"


"This is a telecommuting position"


"May work from anywhere"


"Must have home office"


"Candidate will work from a home office"


"Will have the option to work from home"


"Must have high speed Internet"


"This home based position"


Work from Anywhere | Must have high speed internet

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