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The key factors in starting your own work at home business are your knowledge, skills, and competitors. However, the number one factor to start a home business is the cost. Carefully consider each of these factors and assess yourself honestly. Starting a work at home business is hard work and will take a few years to begin seeing profitable gain. Use this section to find general information on running a home business, but also use it to assure yourself that you have chosen the correct business with the skills that you possess.


Success or Failure for Home Businesses

Assess Yourself

Entrepreneur Guide

This guide is in .pdf format and will help guide you to the business that may suit you best. If you have multiple business types in mind: for example, you would like to build a web site as your home business, but you are also interested in running a small accounting business, you will use this guide to assess which business may be the most profitable for you.

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List of Home Business Types

A comprehensive List

List of Potential Home Businesses

There are hundreds of options available to you for home businesses. If you are looking for a list to get your creative juices flowing, this may be your ticket.

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Home Business Finances

Manage Income from Day One

Home Business Finance

Your income goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Managing your home business's finances will be the greatest challenge you face (unless you are an accountant or have one).

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Marketing your Home Business

Find the Avenue that works best for Your Home Business

Marketing for your Home Business

If you are your only employee, sales and marketing may go hand in hand. Here are ten effective ways to get your business noticed quickly.

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Home Business SEO

If your Business has a web site

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

For those businesses that have a web site that is more than just brochureware or a fancy business card, you will need to understand (or hire someone who understands) search engine marketing. It is the best free (or semi-free) advertising your home business can get.

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Home Based Positions




Conduct your own
Work at Home Job Search

Try each one of these specific phrases and see the results. Reword your favorite to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. Each phrase is in quotations to optimize the search to find those exact words together. If you add words, put them after the last quotation mark, unless you intend to change the phrase.

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Remote Position | Must have your own office

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"This is a remote position"


"This is a telecommuting position"


"May work from anywhere"


"Must have home office"


"Candidate will work from a home office"


"Will have the option to work from home"


"Must have high speed Internet"


"This home based position"


Work from Anywhere | Must have high speed internet

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