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Create Freelance Invoices

The bottom portion of a Freelance invoice showing blanks to fill in for Subtotal, Sales tax, Total Due, Less Deposit and Balance Due

Some companies may expect to receive an invoice or deposit request for your freelance services. If you need to create an invoice in a pinch, try some of these hints.

It is very likely that you have an invoice template at hand right now on your computer for free. If you need to come up with a quick invoice for your contract or freelance work at home position, take a look at the programs you have at your disposal.

Microsoft Excel logo

For Microsoft Excel users:

  • Open Excel
  • Click on the Office button
  • Choose "New"
  • Choose "Invoices" from the list on the left
  • Pick an invoice and start editing

You can also go directly to Microsoft invoice templates.


Apache OpenOffice Templates logo
For OpenOffice users, free invoice templates are available at the Apache OpenOffice template site.
LibreOffice Templates
For LibreOffice users, free invoice templates are available at the LibreOffice template site.
Kingsoft Office logo
For Kingsoft Office users, free invoice templates are available on the Kingsoft Office Invoice template page




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