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Employers can find many benefits in allowing their employees to work at home, either full time or just a few days out of the week. In tough economic times, the "work at home option" may be a great way to show cost savings in just a few months. Overhead and attrition rates lower as employee motivation and loyalty are raised. It is a win-win situation.
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Going Green

For Real This Time
Going Green

Going Green is a great way to advertise to your potential customers and partners. Working at home can help save our environment in more ways than you may think.

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Save Money

Before you put down the Axe, Read this...
Saving your Company Money

Save money and save your employees from that axe. Working at home can save not just from your bottom line.

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The Human Touch

We all need it
The Human Touch

All employees need to see and talk to their fellow teammates. Make a time for those work at home employees to meet either in the company building or off-site if need-be.

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Independence makes them Come Running

Highly Motivated Job Applicants
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The highest educated, college degreed, and most motivated individuals all want the same thing: to be independent. When your company offers that work at home option, they will come running to you (and may not seek other options in their spare time!).

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To conduct a job search, you need to know the phrases professionals use. Try each one of these specific phrases and see the results. Reword your favorite to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. Each phrase is in quotations to optimize the search to find those exact words together. If you add words, put them after the last quotation mark, unless you intend to change the phrase.

If copy and pasting, include the quotation marks. These search phrases will work for any of your favorite job search engines.

"This is a remote position"

"This is a telecommuting position"

"May work from anywhere"

"Must have home office"

"Candidate will work from a home office"

"Will have the option to work from home"

"Must have high speed Internet"

"This home based position"

"Work at Home"

"Work from Home"

The latter two options are for sites, such as this one, that provide work at home listings and information or help.


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