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When thinking about an at-home based job, it is strongly recommended to stray away from any companies you haven't heard of, do not have any personal references you can contact, and/or require a large fee up front.

If you are looking to start your own business at home, make sure you find a reputable company with name recognition. The following at home based opportunities are listed by the DSA. They go through a full year of rigorous testing before being listed in the directory.

Did you know you could sell Discovery Toys and Dove Chocolates from your home? You can even sell Jockey clothing. If you have a hobby or are interested in getting a great discount and selling to your friends or family or co-workers, choose the company that best fits your personality. Direct selling can be a rewarding career or additional income if you find the product that you believe in and suits your personality best.

Company Product You Will Sell
4Life Research Nutritional Supplements
5LINX Enterprises Telecommunications Services
Accentz Jewelry
ACN, Inc Internet and Telecomm Services
AdvoCare Intl. Health and Fitness Products
Aerus LLC Home Care and Vacuums
Agel Enterprises Nutritional Supplements
Aihu, Inc. Aromatherapy, Health, Fitness
Aloette Cosmetics Cosmetics, Haircare
Amazon Herb Co. Nutritional Supplements
AmeriPlan USA Health, Fitness, Wellness
Amkey, Inc. Business / Commercial
AMS Health Sciences Haircare, Fitness, Wellness
Amway Business, Health, Home Tech
Angela Moore, Inc Candles and Clothing
Arbonne Intl Aromatherapy, Cosmetics
Art House Greetings Paper Products
AtHome America Home Accessories, Decor
AuraStella Jewelry
Avalla Aromatherapy, Cosmetics
Avon Products Cosmetics, Fragrance, Skincare
B's Purses & Access. Fashion Accessories
Baby Splendor Baby / Childcare
BabyCrazy Baby / Childcare
Barefoot Books Art, CDs, Books, Educational
Bead Retreat Ltd Jewelry
Become International Nutritional Supplements
Big Ear, Inc. Health, Fitness, Wellness
Big Planet Internet Services, Telecomm.
Blessings Unlimited Art, Giftware, Jewelry, Religious
The Body Shop at Home Personal Care, Skincare
Body Wise Intl. Health, Nutritional Supplements
Butterfly Worldwide Fashion Accessories
Carico International Air Filters, Cookware, China
Celebration Fashions Fashion, Jewelry
Cleure Health, Oral Hygiene
Clever Container Homeopathics
Conklin Company Animal Care, Autocare, Services
Cookie Lee Fashion Accessories, Giftware
Cooksey Keepsakes Photography Processing
Creative Memories Scrapbooking / Photo Albums
Cupere Fashion Accessories, Jewelry
Cutco/Vector Mktg Cutlery, House, Kitchenwares
CyberWize Nutritional Supplements
Daisy Blue Naturals Aromatherapy, Candles, Skincare
DEAXIS, LLC Fashion Accessories, Jewelry
Demarle At Home, Inc. Cookware
DeTech, Inc. Security Systems / Devices
Discovery Toys, Inc Books, Educational Materials
Dove Chocolate Discov. Food / Gourmet Items
Dudley Beauty Corp Cosmetics, Fragrances, Skincare
Earth's Elements Jewelry
EcoQuest International Air Filters, Health, Skincare
Energetix GmbH & Co. Health, Fitness, Wellness
Entertaining at Home Cookware, Cutlery, Tableware
Essential Bodywear Lingerie, Sleepware
Essentially Yours Ind. Nutritional Supp, Weight Mgmt
Ethnic Expressions Art, Framing
FAITH Company Fashion, Jewelry
Family and Friends Fin. Financial Services
Fifth Avenue Coll. Jewelry
FirstFitness Intl. Nutritional Supp, Weight Mgmt
For Every Home Candles
ForeverGreen Intl. Food, Nutritional Supp
FreeLife Intl. Food, Nutritional Supp
The Fuller Brush Co. Homecare, House and Kitchenware
Gano Excel USA Inc Food / Gourmet
Genesis Pure Nutritional Supp
Global Domains Intl. Home Technology
Global Health Trax Nutritional Supp
GNLD Intl. Food / Gourmet
Gold Canyon Candles / Candle Accessories
Goldshield Elite Food / Gourmet
The Happy Gardner Garden Accessories
Heart Warming Creations Home Accessories
Herbalife Intl. of America Health / Fitness / Wellness
Heritage Makers Scrapbooking / Photo Albums
Home and Garden Party Art / Framing, Candles
Homemade Gourmet Food / Gourmet
HTE USA Health / Fitness / Wellness
Hy Cite Corporation Cookware, Water Treatment
Ignite, Inc Utilities
Intl. Global Opportunity Internet Services
Immunotec, Inc. Nutritional Supp
Initial Outfitters Jewelry
Initials, Inc Candles / Fashion
Innovage LLC Books, Business, Giftware
Integris Global, LP Health / Fitness / Wellness
Isagenix Intl. Nutritional Supp
Jafra Cosmetics Intl Cosmetics, Fragrances
Jeunique Intl Cosmetics, Homecare
Jockey Person to Person Clothing / Shoes, Lingerie
Jordan Essentials Aromatherapy
Kara Vita, LLC Skincare
The Kirby Company Vacuum Cleaners
Kirks Folly Design Jewelry
Kitchen Fair Cookware, House
Latasia and Company Jewelry
L'Bri Pure N Natural Cosmetics, Nutritional Supp
Learning is an Art Educational Materials, Toys
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To conduct a job search, you need to know the phrases professionals use. Try each one of these specific phrases and see the results. Reword your favorite to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. Each phrase is in quotations to optimize the search to find those exact words together. If you add words, put them after the last quotation mark, unless you intend to change the phrase.

If copy and pasting, include the quotation marks. These search phrases will work for any of your favorite job search engines.

"This is a remote position"

"This is a telecommuting position"

"May work from anywhere"

"Must have home office"

"Candidate will work from a home office"

"Will have the option to work from home"

"Must have high speed Internet"

"This home based position"


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